Production began on PMI’s new Herr Voss 60” Cut-To-Length line October 15, 2013.  The benefits of this new line are substantial.  PMI Facilities Manager Erik Larson said, “We’re able to supply the fabrication side of the business with larger sheets and the line also increased the gauge of material we’re able to run.”  PMI President Chris Conard elaborates why customers benefit from the line, “The new Cut-To-Length line gives PMI the opportunity to provide our own fabrication facilities with sheets produced from mill purchased master coils to help control costs and provide our customer base with the very best value.  Additionally, it gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with 60” wide sheeted product for their own internal use.”  PMI fills a void in the local market by being the exclusive seller of sheets in the area and is now able to offer an even wider range of sheets available to be processed with an increase from a 48” line to the new 60” line.

The 60” Cut-To-Length line has impressive specs.  The line operates with one operator due to central control stations and mounted video systems monitoring quality and running of the line.  It handles a variety of material – cold rolled, galvanized, pre-painted, stainless steel as well as aluminum.  Master coils can be a max of 45,000 lbs with a maximum O.D. of 72”.  Gauges are up to thicknesses of .105 for steel and aluminum and .090 for stainless steel. Tolerances are +/- .015 width and length, with diagonal tolerances subject to the gauges of width/length.  The line runs at a notable speed of 200 feet per minute and offers air sheet stacking as well as polyurethane covered work rolls for surface protection.  If greater surface quality protection is needed, the line can apply PVC and paper interleaf.

The new Cut-To-Length line demonstrates PMI’s longstanding commitment to providing customers with products and services desired in today’s steel industry.

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