PMI operates large volume inventory and kitting programs that you can customize as your needs require.

Economy of Scale

When you need a high volume of quality steel at an affordable price, look to PMI. With the high production of master coils of steel, the price per unit becomes more affordable. So while you can expect your building enclosures for power generation to be of the highest quality, it comes at a low cost thanks to economy of scale.

Building Enclosures

With PMI as your enclosure manufacturer, you are able to customize the size of the enclosure to fit your needs, with thinner sheet metal internal components. This sheet metal is light, making it easier to transport, while also maintaining its versatility and durability.

Quick Lead Times

With an increasing demand for energy, it’s important to offer high-quality products at competitive prices. We shorten the steel supply chain with our unique coil process, saving you valuable time and money without compromising our strong, high-quality steel components. You'll get your manufactured products to market faster while staying on budget.

Are you managing too many suppliers? See how you can cut metal suppliers through our single-stream capabilities and 14+ years of generator component manufacturing.

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