Coil and sheet processing developed specifically for the appliance industry.

Appearance & Quality

Are you looking for high-quality steel that's durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing? When it comes to steel for appliances, presentation matters, along with cost and lead times. We create quality steel that's on trend, on budget, and on time, so you can offer beautiful appliances at competitive prices.


We offer quality pre-painted steel, which reduces your overall costs and saves you valuable time. And with the growing trend of leaving appliances on display on countertops and shelves, our products are always on-trend, display-ready, and end-user approved.

Quality Requirements Ready

We offer a wide range of capabilities, including embossing and laser cutting. We have the industry knowledge and experience to help you create a better end product. We know the quality requirement for handling 60” seville pattern embossing, and light gauge down to .007.

Are you managing too many suppliers? We’d love to show you how you can cut suppliers through our single-stream capabilities and 14+ years of generator component manufacturing.

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