There are many steps to the steel building process. PMI can provide various pre-painted colors, and the ability to process roofing, siding, soffit, fascia, brackets, steel door skins, and more. In addition, we will help you to improve your steel buys by holding your inventory.

Create your ideal steel building, using good looking pre-painted and dependable metal products.

Pole Anchors to Roofing

PMI creates small parts like screws, clips, and closures for your steel buildings. Along with those small components, PMI can also create large pieces for your project, including roofing or anchors. Our ability to manufacture everything from the smallest to the largest of parts means we can serve as your one supplier for all of your metal or steel building parts.

Colored Coatings and Finishes

When constructing steel buildings or using steel components for roofing or siding, save time and money by using colored coating and finishes by PMI. These coatings and finishes don't just make buildings more visually pleasing, but also can protect the metal structures from weather and other corrosive materials. We will help you create your ideal steel building, using good looking and dependable metal products.

Experience from Start to Finish

Over our almost 30 years of serving this industry, we have developed into a well-known and respected organization in the metal stamping industry. With those years of service, we have gained expertise in creating the smallest of screws to the largest of roofs, particularly when it comes to steel buildings. We are confident PMI can successfully plan your project, and provide you with expertise and guidance from the beginning to the end of your building experience.

Are you managing too many suppliers? We’d love to show you how you can cut suppliers through our single-stream capabilities and 14+ years of generator component manufacturing.

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