We provide certified parts with a fast turnaround with military precision.

Military Audit Approved

At PMI we are extremely proud that we have passed a military-approved audit on our military grade products. Because we have already passed this comprehensive audit and proven our products are up to strict military standards by specific organizations, we’re able to save valuable time during production and shorten your lead times.

One-Stop Shop

PMI is able to handle a variety of military manufacturing capabilities. Don't make your supply chain any longer than it needs to be or spend extra time working with five suppliers when you can have a single trusted partner to manufacture the parts you need to your exact specifications.

Integrated Inventory Management

We’ve created a smarter way to organize and manage all of your parts. This innovative system utilizes number stamps on each of our products. This program provides us the ability to organize our parts with ease and efficiency, and better control our lot, allowing us to get your products to you quickly, accurately, and swiftly.

Are you managing too many suppliers? We’d love to show you how you can cut suppliers through our single-stream capabilities and 14+ years of generator component manufacturing.

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