PMI offers one of the most competitive solutions focusing on reliability and versatility.

Quality Driven

PMI understands the quality requirements for agriculture parts such as ISIR, GD&T tolerancing, and PPAP requirements. We know different machines must withstand different types of wear and will manufacture the pieces for you that specifically serve your needs. The agriculture industry provides us with food to eat, clothing to wear, and the jobs to work. Let PMI manufacture the items you require, that allows you to serve people worldwide.

Inventory Management

PMI will help you manage and forecast your inventory. Our team of experts will help you understand your needs, and will adjust your available inventory as spikes or falls are anticipated. Our inventory management system assigns stock numbers for each of your items housed at PMI, and allows us to quickly fulfill and deliver your order as needed. Let us plan for your future inventory needs, while you focus on growing your business.

High Tonnage Bending

When manufacturing pieces for agriculture, we know the materials must be thick and durable. High tonnage bending has traditionally required a lot of manpower by highly trained people, and involved a lot of time and risk. Thanks to advancements in technology and our commitment to providing the best quality products to our customers, PMI is committed to providing the high tonnage bending projects needed for your agriculture products.

Are you managing too many suppliers? We can show you how you can cut suppliers through our single-stream capabilities and 14+ years of generator component manufacturing, along with experience with agriculture steel buildings and equipment.

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