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Power Generation

You want your products to last, despite the harsh conditions they may work in. Our products have been created with longevity in mind. We manufacture everything from large generator sets to small, and all components needed to suit your needs.

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The housing industry is dynamic and ever-changing, and that includes household appliances. Keep up with the latest trends and stay ahead of your competition by choosing suppliers that work with your shorter supply timelines so you can get your products to market faster. With our unique coil process, we shorten the supply chain and cut your lead time down.

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PMI manufactures a wide range of materials and diverse parts, leading you to the intersection of efficiency and quality. Our products are made to last, with high durability and improved longevity. We are also ISO Certified and have certified welders, meaning your products are done right while staying on budget and on time.

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PMI understands that when it comes to working with the military, there are specific regulations and certifications you need. We’re able to follow these regulations while promptly delivering you a high-quality product without cutting any corners.

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Office Furniture

Do you want your products to look and feel good? Are you looking for a supplier that doesn’t break your budget? We’ve got you covered. We manufacture products that look good and are ready for you in a shorter amount of time, without cutting corners or compromising quality.

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Keep your cool with a well-running HVAC. With high-quality steel, you’ll notice your products have an improved appearance, along with increased performance, productivity, and longevity.

Steel Building

Your building needs to last and look nice throughout the years, in spite of weather, wear and tear, and other environmental factors. We produce high-quality steel that’s built to last, and provides the strength, safety, and durability you need in a steel building.

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We deliver strong and durable steel components capable of withstanding even the toughest applications. Your equipment will be more productive, durable, and strong, and you’ll see your profitability improve.

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Metal Enclosure

PMI manufactures parts from the roof to the base, and the brackets to the outer shell to create a stronger, safer, and more durable metal enclosure.

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Are you tired of long lead times, high prices, and low-quality steel? You’re not alone. We shrink your supply chain and provide quick turnaround time without compromising quality or cost. Get your quote now to see what PMI can do for you, from steel processing to metal stamping.

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