We've established our niche in coil processing, that paired with stamping and fabricating, can improve the costs on your parts.

Specialty Processing

Create the most comfortable space for your employees and patrons. With years of experience, PMI has developed a specialty type of steel processing for your HVAC system that is extremely durable but does not require powder-coating. Powder-coating is typically used to protect the metal of your HVAC system from heat or exposure, but our type of specialty processing makes powder coating irrelevant for certain HVAC systems. Let’s discuss how this practice could affect your project.

Powder-Coating Not Required

The process of powder-coating HVAC materials can be timely and expensive. If your HVAC system is not exposed, and specialty color or gloss is not required, the specialty processing by PMI can allow you to skip powder-coating to save you money and get to work sooner.

Shortened Supply Chain

PMI’s single source solution will reduce suppliers and save dollars by producing a wide variety of HVAC parts under a single roof. Utilizing our services, your lead times can be dramatically reduced which may decrease inventory investment dollars. Your purchasing group or manager will now have more time, and will be able to better plan and manage your floor without the task of chasing suppliers.

Are you managing too many suppliers? We’d love to show you how you can cut suppliers through our single-stream capabilities and 14+ years of generator component manufacturing.

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