PMI has added a new state-of-the-art press brake to meet high customer demand. The Safan Darley is a CNC Servo Electronic Press Brake. Safan introduced the first Servo Mechanical Press Brake in 1995 and has continued to innovate and expand on the proven E-brake technology which resulted in the first completely electric press brake. Safan states, “The E-brake system consists of heavy duty Servo-electric drive motors and a series of belts and pulleys to create the ultimate in uniform distribution of force over the entire length of the machine. Safan joins the new generation of electronics and software which provides a quick and accurate check of all machine functions for the fastest cycle times and allows for the maximum flexibility for just about any application.” The new press brake is 110 Ton with a 10’ bed. Benefits of this entirely electronic press brake include limited maintenance, faster and more accurate cycle times and it’s better for the environment because it uses a mere 16 amps and does not require the use of hydraulic oil.


The Safan Darley Press Brake is located in the Fabrication Department and is ready for use.

PMI’s in-house maintenance staff completed unloading, moving and setting in place.

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