PMI has welcomed Rob Dufourny as our Intern (the first in PMI history!) all the way from France! He joined our team the end of May and will be working with us until mid-November. During his time in the United States, he hopes to gain insight into American culture and American Manufacturing.

Rob has completed many projects at PMI thus far. He has updated the hazardous chemical inventory with the new Safety Data Sheets to be in accordance with GHS (Globally Harmonized System). He has created new labels for hazardous chemicals per GHS and has made them available for employees in a binder located next to the Safety Data Sheet binder on the break room wall. Rob worked with the racking vendor to determine weight limits on racking and labeled them accordingly. Currently, he is working on a lean manufacturing project with Ed Sayles to create work instructions for all internal die changes and ensuring internal interchange tooling is marked and stored in designated areas identified in the work instructions. During his time here he also hopes to work with the Quality department on updating and creating procedures and with the Purchasing and Accounting departments on cost of goods sold.

Rob has learned a lot in the United States so far. He says, “Business is different here - more direct and straight to the point. Everything is a lot more efficient and customer-oriented.”

Rob enjoys the team spirit and events organized in the company. He has also been surprised to see how welcoming everyone is. He explains, “Everybody tried to help me with everything and I would really like to thank everyone for that! It is really comforting when being far from home!”

He has experienced many manufacturers while joining the Sales staff on customer visits and has enjoyed participating in the local culture by attending fairs, tractor pulls, festivals, parades, and restaurants. He has had many favorite experiences here including kayaking with Chris Conard, Jodi King and her family, as well as dining with Dana Hansen and her family! His girlfriend, Oceane, is staying with him in Bloomer the month of August and he hopes to share as many US adventures with her as possible!

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