Steel Supply

This manufacturer provides cabinets and enclosures for fire suppression products in materials like bronze, stainless steel, and brass.  These options allowed their customers to choose a material that would look best in their space and best serve their purpose. However, this required the manufacturer to manage many metal suppliers along with many different internal processes.  Lead times and coordinating delivery became nearly impossible.


PMI presented this customer with the opportunity to hard tool metal parts, which would reduce the number of processes and metal suppliers needed to create the finished part. Rather than traveling through three steel suppliers, parts were now created from steel coils, stamped and finished in PMI’s steel fabrication department, all under a single roof.


Utilizing PMI’s services, lead times were dramatically reduced which brought inventory investment dollars down. The purchasing group now had more time to plan and manage their floor because they were not chasing metal suppliers any more. PMI’s single source solution reduced suppliers and saved dollars by producing a wide variety of parts under a single roof.



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